Can we use Activity starter to open google maps for ios devices?

Can we use the same code to open google maps for ios device with activity starter. I tested the code in iPad and is not working

How will it work? You have wrote:
android.intent.action.VIEW in an iOS system. You might need to change that. Actually I don't own an iOS so can't tell you about that. Maybe @powerusers may help you out.

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Ya, I know this won't work in iOS but what are we suppose to write in the Action property of ActivityStarter for iOS.

I researched on Google and found out that in iOS apps work in their own directory and usually do not interact with each other. If this is the truth then the intent might not work.

Any help will be good as I need to open Maps from iOS, Is there some other way that we can open maps and view location using iphone.

@vinchd You need to open Maps? There are other options to display a map depending on why you need to open Maps.
You can use the MIT Map component to display a map on iOS I believe either using your LocationSensor or not in iOS.

Remember for the moment developers can use the iOS to develop and run apps but the Builder is not yet ready.