Can we read a txt file continuously which is at computer folder using USB?

I want to read a text file continuously from PC using USB cable.
How to design a app which regularly fetch or read the text file from a given location in PC drive.

please guide me.

You can use your Android device to ready files stored on your PC using USB.

To do that using an app you build is certainly a challenge and might not be possible using Blocks alone. Here are the community discussions involving USB Akash. Reading through those posts might help you.

What does 'read' mean to you? To post the text in a Label in your app; to use TextToSpeech to actually 'read aloud' the text stored; or something else?

You can access a text file stored in Google Drive or text in a Google Spreadsheet. This is not accessing a directory/folder on your PC directly. Directly accessing a directory/folder that is on the PC using a PC usb cable means writing an app that can provide the capability to read a file using USB. You probably cannot do that with Blocks and the only extension I am aware of that can read files using USB is set up to only read from an Arduino at present (see the discussions).

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Thanks Steve I will go through the link