Can we put a frame in a camera when it works in an App inventor app?

Good afternoon to all team members. This time I'm looking for directions on an idea for an app I'm preparing. I saw on the internet this construction with the transparent plastic with the outline of a building drawn on it. If the viewer stands at a certain point, he sees the real building from behind the outline.

The app I am designing for students will be based on the following scenario. The student has the option to press specific buttons, each of which is titled with the name of a building. when a button is pressed the camera opens with a frame showing the outline of the building. The student searches by looking through the camera looking for the building that fits the frame with the outline. The rest might be taking a photo and sending it to an email.

Any idea how to add this frame to the camera? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Something like this might be possible if you use a couple of extensions: Procam (for camera view in an arrangement) and Component Tools or OverlapView (to overlap components (e.g. your frame)

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I will search for that kind of extensions! I hope i will find them. It's a start! Thanks!

Look here

Another way to do something similar might be to use Artificial Intelligence.
You might use something like shown in the tutorial mentioned here> PICaboo app draft . This is not what you suggest but a different way to determine what an object or thing is from an image.
The aix can help determine if the image you provide is one of several different objects. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project.

I am searching both ofthe solutions. Actually i cant find the aia. file for PICaboo , i will try to put the blocks myself

I did a quick search.... First of all it is aGreat tutorial the Personal Image Classifier: PICaboo.. But It takes a lot of effort to take a lot of photos and reduce them to a small size, so the program could do the train. regarding my original concern , I found something using the basic principle of the Facemesh_StarterProject....

but like the image was getting stuck on the camera using the extension of this app. But I realised that what I want is to be able to put the camera as a background on a canvas. I can see from the properties that only image i can put as a background. Is there any way to put camera as a background? Thank you very much!!!

Hello to all members! The question is..... Can we put in a canvas, a camera as a background? And sorry for the Extra topic which i uploaded last night.

As previously suggested, use the Procam extension to put a camera view in an arrangement.

Here is an example project (with this you can draw a line around the camera view image, but you could easily load a predrawn shape or line image (with transparent background)

camDraw.aia (34.5 KB)

(The wallet is empty, as always :wink: )

With your help i think i made a start! This one is the result with the procam.

And this one is with the use of personalimageclassifier

Thank you very much!

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