Can we make offerwall in app inventor?

I want to add a offerwall in my app can it be possible?

Please explain offer wall?

It means the page where you can download apps and get some coins in exchange of that and developer earn with downloads

Yes its possible i think.

But it is still a disguised earning app. You still could have the problem that it won't be accepted in a app store. I for one would never install such an app. Why not make first something useful and secondly put some banner ads in that.

Yup , thanks for suggestions, I will try other earning method that I can put in my app

I would just sub this out to company that deals with this on a day to day basis. I currently have a mobile game in ios and play stores running a yungpoints offerwall and so far in the clear. easy to deploy. good payouts on tier 1 and 2 users. easy dashboard and they havent missed a payout with me yet in one year.

Dude can you explain how you make offerwall?