Can we insert images in lists

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Can we insert images in lists

Yes we can!
An example -

Thank you for your help

But be aware that is just a file path to the image, not the actual image.


Can we put a image clicked from camera

Add a camera component from the media.
And then add these 3 simple blocks.
Your job is done!

Again as @TIMAI2 mentioned the image variable will be the path to the image and not the actual one.

Thank you For your help

You can use WebView instead of ListView check this :

Not sure what this has to do with the OP.... ?

Without more information from the OP, one possible interpretation is whether you can put images in ListView or ListPicker components. This is definitely not possible right now but a future version of App Inventor will support it.

I see what you are getting at.

In which case for now I would use ColinTree's CustomListview

hello can i use CLOUDDB with this??

why not?

I am confuse on which part should I put the CloudDB blocks here