Can we host MIT on digital ocean?

I have a question in my mind that if it is possible to host MIT AppInventor on digital ocean rather than Google Cloud. @ewpatton Please help

Any help will be appreciated,


Possible but, you will need to do many changes and I guess, to do that changes, it would be hard to do

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Short Answer: No
Because Appinventor uses GCP datastore for many things for example for example:
information about projects...

Long answer: maybe... but you need to change every piece of datastore codes!

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There is an open pull request to add Postgres as a backend option for running the server. You could try it but I have not tested it and cannot make any guarantees that it works as advertised.


Hi Everyone
I want to know the ways to deploy our own App Inventor
I saw that we could deploy on Railway but Cannot understand how to do it. At least no YouTube Video is available.

I saw about Digital Ocean but when I saw This Thread I lost the hope :sob:, If we can still make with it then please anyone help & reply.

And GCP remains only 3 months after that the prices are at :mountain: peaks!
These are the only ways I know.
If anyone knows more about these then please reply below :point_down:
Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank You

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  1. You shouldn't mention too many people in your post
  2. Yes it is possible to host AI2 on platforms other than GCP but it's not recommended.

If you really wish to deploy AI2 then you must have at least 2 Digital Ocean at least 1 GB ram each.

In your ubuntu droplet install GCP SDK
Following this
Then install ant following this guide
How to Install Apache Ant on Ubuntu 20.04 | 18.04 - Website for Students

Clone the sources, download submodules, compile them, run a development server, Your instance should be live at your_server_ip:8888

P.S. I havn't tested this!

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But, I have Windows 10 not Ubuntu 20
I have Google Cloud SDK & Apache Ant too

That's your server operating system

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No Digital Ocean ain't free

Will it be available for everyone?

No I guess

I removed all the user names. Please don't tag users in a first post to get attention.


Yes it will be.

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It was well explained in that topic by @Hrichik_Mazumder. Also you can know more about docker containers in google.

Nothing is free in this word.

It is expensive unless you don't have a good source of income


I already saw that topic but didn't understood anything.


What can I say, :frowning_face:
I'm a 10 year old
I don't have income but
I too have dreams but ones which don't come true. :sob:
I am looking forward for anyone to fund us...

But what about This Thread @Pradevel

Since you already pointed twice to this thread i merged the topics.

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”— Walt Disney


Yes, I do have :+1:


Well, why dont you develop your localhost builder until you are in condition to launch one?