Can we have active points οn what we see live, through the mobile camera?

Good afternoon team members. This time I would like to ask the following. I have a feeling that it can't be done with app inventor, but maybe we can get closer to the idea.... The app scenario is as follows: the user with the camera open, moves in a square, in a museum, etc. When the camera passes in front of an object, for example a painting, then another window opens showing information or photos of the point. Something similar to panoramic images that have hotspots on them, but live. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Sounds a bit like Google Lens - do you have sufficient resources (people/skills/money) to emulate that ? :wink:

Hello !! Your answer is a start!!!!!! could i open the google lens app by pressing for example a button?

Seems you might be able to get Google Assistant open with an intent...

xmmm...... any other idea?

Use activityStarter to open the device's Camera app, then select Lens from there?

Your idea is very good. This can be done and there might be an informational message that the user should open google lens. So far so good. But is it possible to use the activity starter to open the camera directly in Google Lens?

See the SO answer you posted above :wink:

:innocent: There must be a way!!!

You might be able to use Android Studio but not App Inventor to do all the things you want/expect to do. Have you googled the topic on the Web? What did you find? might be helpful.

This depends on the Google Lens App not on App Inventor...
Your Stackoverflow answer says no, but it is already few years old... there might be another answer... you could find it after doing a Google or Stackoverflow search


I think that it is impossible to happen with MIT App Inventor. Anyway.... Maybe one day someone will create an extension about this.

It is not about AppInventor, it is about Android/Google Assistant and how they work.

I totally agree. As an amateur user of app inventor and excited by its possibilities I thought that everything can be done. Maybe what I thought... can be done, maybe someone will deal with this problem. Have a nice day !