Can we do this in an App created using Notification Listener?

For example, I want to achieve the following

  1. If button 1 is clicked, open an alert message.
  2. If the alert message is cancelled, start notification listener automatically ((ie, directing user to the permission page)).
  3. If user, ignored to 'give permission and to start notification listener' , then Button 1 (when clicked) has to directly start notification listener (ie, directing user to the permission page) when clicked again OR Button 1 has to repeat (loop) the process of 1st & 2nd points.

I found blocks for first two points. But, striving to make the 3rd point. I can't find direct blocks.

NOTE: I used Notifier, TinyDB & Clock to give One Time Alert Message. Alert message will not be shown to user for the second time. But, I am ready to adjust the blocks for any better result.

Blocks here:

If we observe the blocks we can understand that everything works fine until an user ignore giving permission for notification access. That is what I explained in 3rd point above. Help me to solve this.


To solve the 3rd point, I did something like this, but not working.


yes, you have to use a clock to check, if the service is running
To check, if the service is running, use the CheckService method


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I included this idea as well (How do you set an alert message in the app which gives option for users to cancel it permanently or to cancel it temporarily to see again? - #5 by S.V_Arul_Shiju

I included this idea as well. I will send the recorded video of the app.)

So, only I can convey the issue that I face.


Thankyou @Taifun, finally, im closer to solution. It worked almost but with new error.

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@Taifun , when I made block like this, things are solved. Loop is working.


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