Can we do anything in Appathon?

Hi, I'm new to Appathon and I've never participated in this before so I was wondering if someone could give me the rundown on what is going on and what we can do here?


Hi @Wester,

The themes of the Appathon will be announced on July 18th. All info about the Appathon can be found on the Appathon website. Don't let the image below fool you, it is really for the 2022 Appathon.

You can already register to join the Appathon at this moment.

Thanks a lot!

Oh, and tell all your friends about the Appathon so they can join to. :grin:

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What is Hackathon by the way ?

I found it in the Appathon website.

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Was the word Hackathon on the Appathon website. Can you show me where? That would have to be changed.

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When I long-click (right-click for PC) on the Icon for appathon I get this.

See the Image title.

The "blocks" image has an alt text as follows:



 But what is "Hackathon" ? 

Is it some kinda Hacking contest or what ?

I wanna participate. :joy:

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Would be renewing after 18 hours.

I hate these kinda restrictions.

Hackathon was the old name for Appathon. They changed the name to Appathon in 2021.

This should be fixed now.