Can the color of the notifier options be changed?

i am designing an app where i have used a notifier to confirm the exit..(the notifier would be asking before exiting "Do you really want to exit?")
so the color of its options is pink (by default) and i don't want that so can its color get changed or not??
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No. Developers can change the colors of alerts but not dialogs. You hope to change the colors in a dialog.

See the documentation


BackgroundColor Specifies the background color for alerts (not dialogs).

NotifierLength Specifies the length of time that the alert is shown – either “short” or “long”.

TextColor Specifies the text color for alerts (not dialogs).


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thank you @SteveJG i will surely see to it :+1:

You can change this by setting the Accent Color property on Screen1.

there are some extensions available... search for Notifier or Dialog ...
here is the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


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thank you @Conor and @Taifun i will surely try to do it with what u told

thank you @Conor
this did exactly what i wanted

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