Can´t pass some information to an google datasheet

well, the first problem, wich was a mistake where I put the formulary url twice in the code has been fixed, now, i have conexion with the datasheet, however, it sends an empty message, and it only reveals the date and time of the message sent, i upload again a photo of the code, any suggestions?

why are you using the link twice with separate ids?
have you seen @TIMAI2's examples?


Your code suffers from a desire for instant gratification in the circled Scan operation in the loop.

The results of the scan are not available until an event fires for that scan.

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wow, you are right, i think that after trying some solutions, pasting bocks, removing them... i migh got a bit despisted and coppied the link twice, gonna fix that and i´ll see if i have any changes, thanks for apreciating my simple mistake hehe