Can`t get value for key from dictionary

Hello, I´m about to despair. Maybe someone out there can help me.

I created a dictionary with key in keys where I can put in a weaving pattern (pic1). It looks a if the data is saved correctly.
On the screen where I call the TinyDB value, the data also looks good to me (pic2). My patterns exits right now of two patterns. Then make a local variable, which selects (right now) only the second of the two patterns. Now I want to get the value for the key "rows". As you can see, it does not work.

I cant figure out why. Can you please help me?

Can't see any particular issue with your logic. If testing this in your companion app, refresh the companion and ensure that your global patterns list is set with a pattern....

Use a temporary global variable instead of that local variable, to leave a trail for debugging.

Thank you both so much! I´ve set global variables and most importantly put the "set global pattern" part in the initialize block of the screen. It works now. The problem must have been the order in which the variables are created.

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