Can someone tell me why WEB_VIEWER is so slow?

SOLVED , by me I was just dumb , but without you guys I wouldn't have seen what I've done wrong, thanks.

Hi @Willen_Dominic_Laxam ,
How do you find WebViewer slow? Can you show a demo video of issue?

Hello @Willen_Dominic_Laxam maybe your internet quality is low

It can be:

  1. How your phone is connected to the Internet
  2. The website not being designed as Mobile Friendly
  3. The website using code snippets and/or advertisements that a WebView component cannot handle (WebView is not a "full blown" Browser.
  4. The website itself has huge traffic and is slow for all Users.


When I click the button for the WebViewer it just goes back to the screen, I've waited for about 10 minutes nothing happens.

Do you have the correct URL? (no typographical errors) Are you sending it to the WebViewer correctly?

We need to see your Blocks. Right-mouse click in the Blocks work area:

download blocks

Nevermind, I was dumb, my teammate literally deleted the web_viewer, and he said there was a web_viewer. So yes it actually works. But thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it :smiley:


It's fine you don't have to solve it now, i was just dumb and didn't know that my teammate deleted it. But I appreciate you helping

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