Can someone tell me what i do wrong?


and its always say 0

So you're wanting it to count up each time something is clicked, or? Could you please tell me what you're wanting to do

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I think it cannot detect the presence of the tag.
The reason I think it is valueIfTagNotPresent = 0

Tell us the output after changing the value of valueIfTagNotPresent.

I just need to read it to text but it never find valur

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I know but its saved Bucket itd is correct

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Did you ever use the Do it function offered by MIT AppInventor ?

Edit : To check exactly which part of the app has the problem.

No what is that

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The Do It feature is a feature provided by MIT AI2 for debugging. It can be used to check the results of each function.

Note : It works only if you have the MIT App Inventor Companion App connected.

Click to know how to use it.

Right click on the block, then select Do It.

Connect to the Companion. Once it is connected, you can right-click a specific block and select Do It.

  • If the block returns something, then there will be a comment popping up with “Do It Result”. This indicates what the block returns.

  • If the block does something, then the companion executes the block that you have Done It.

This is a useful tool for debugging. It can check what is going on, where the error is, and what you should fix.

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i know whats is wrong it dont see the value but the value is so thats just dumb

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