Can someone help me create a background task using the itool extension

Hello friends, how are you?, I wanted to know how I can solve this problem about the itool extension.
I would like to create a function in the background but other than "CreateProcess", for me I believe that this "CreateTask" would not show the permanent notification.

However, the error is when I program to create a new task, it returns this error: :point_down: :point_down:

Thank you to anyone who can help me solve the problem or explain why this isn't possible. :blush:

OBS.: I'm working with Android 11, but I don't think the problem is the version
From what I know, it must be a problem of its own extension

thanks :pray:

Extensions containing services and activities do not work in Companion. :slight_smile:


oops little brother, I already know that haha, the annoying thing is that the problem still remains when I export the apk :sweat_smile:

Wdym? What error do you get when you export the APK? Tell us that?

CreateTask has its own limitations...

what exactly do you plan to do in the background?
of course noone likes that persistent notification...
read again post 1 from the itoo thread about the types of services

:hammer_and_wrench: Types of Service

A service is basically something that runs also while the app is not open or when the app is closed.

  1. Background Service: A non-visible background work that can be scheduled using Itoo.
  • Runs silently without user noticing it.
  • Vulnerable to being stopped by the system abruptly, can only run upto a few minutes in modern devices depending on the phone brand, OEM, OS installed, etc. (also see )
  1. Foreground Service: A user visible and recommended way to execute something in the background.
  • Itoo is primarily based on supporting this service.
  • Generally can work non stop for ever, but could be limited to a few days or less time depending on the phone brand you use.
  • A permanent notification is shown while this service is active starting from Android 8 (Oreo).