Can somebody help me pls we have this project to make a game and we chose to do a memory game I followed every steps in the youtube tutorial about the coding and design blocks but got this in the end Runtime Error Property setter was expecting a com.googl

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Looking at your blocks, I suspect the Clock Timer is firing
at a time when the two global variables firstFlip and secondFlip still hold a value of -1 instead of a flipped Button component.

Either double check the Enabled status of Clock1 to prevent it from firing prematurely (disable Clock1 in the reset procedure and in the Designer?), or add extra if/then tests around any Button operations against those two variables, to make sure they don't hold -1.

Okay okay thx I'll try

Here's the .aia

I asked for the .aia before giving your code a good read.

Try my suggestion about the two global variables first.

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