Can not login to the help forum

I can;t login to the help forums. I am now using it because I login with another name.

I don’t have to login to forums months ago because they are using the same login name and passord. Last time when I tried to login, it asked me to input username and password. Although I input the same username and password, it refused my login and said that my username and password was not valid. Why? Can you help?

I moved this to a new topic because it is not related to your previous question.

Are you talking about the Google Groups forum?

the forum in the help topic

Did you first sign up to this new forum or did you try to login with your username and password from the old forum? I can see only one account from your ip adres with which you registered here.

When I write an app with app inventor, I have to login. I use my google account to login.
e.g. and the password is 123456

When I am using app inventor and need help, I click the help topic. Months ago I needed not input my username and password again and create a new topic.

I am now asked to input username and password. When I input and password 123456, an error message said that my username and passord is not valid. So I have to use another login name in order to ask for help.