Can MIT App Inventor track user's location via background?

Hi all, I am new to MIT App Inventor. I am currently working on a project to track users location especially when the application is on background. For example, when the user has put it's mobile into sleep or lock mode, the app has the capability to track user's location and store into the database every minute. Is it possible?

Hey Kim!

This might probably be just what you're looking for!

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@Pratham_Gokani Thank you so much! Looks awesome and efficient. But my apologies, is there any freeware extension similar to this? :sweat_smile:

Btw, I really appreciate your help!

You’re welcome! (:

Unfortunately, apps built using AppInventor are unable to run in the background at the moment. However, feel free to take a look at the extension directory by Pura Vida Apps or search in this forum and you might be able to find something that suits your needs.

Okay thanks @Pratham_Gokani!
Will definitely have a look on it. Have a great day!

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Did you find @Kim_Sun . Or Any other free location sensor. Background running is not necessary.

@Pratham_Gokani , please if you know of any free locationSensor that is more accurate than the app inventor component, please recommend

@dhrey Perhaps you can use this way

🐾 Foreground GPS Location Service experiments and Tutorial by SteveJG . The examples can be adapted and simplified to only display the CurrentAddress and latitude and longitude using the foreground service extension (free).