Can MIT app inventor send Tx power level?

I am new to MIT app inventor but before I start, I would like to want to know if it is possible send Tx power level through a scan request with MIT app Inventor?

This is a very important part of my project.

Thanks for your support.

Hello Per

Can you explain in more detail what you require? 'Scan Request' is too vague. TX Power Level of what? A WiFi Router?

I want to send tx power level from my phone to another device without a bluetooth connection. just with advertisinga and scan request. the other device is the server and my phone client.

Sorry Per, I do not know the answer. I would expect a need to have a Bluetooth connection because TX Power Level is data.

  1. How do you intend to verify TX Power Level?
  2. Why not make a Bluetooth (BLE) connection?

1- In the device I programed, I set tx power level before advertising. I was hoping to do the same with the phone.
2-Because I need to transmit only tx power level and I expect to spend less radio time, only when needed. I don't want to have an open connection.

Where can you set adevertising parameters?


You need to import the MIT BLE extension into your Project.

I will check the information.