Can MIT App Inventor run on Chromebooks?

We are a 1:1 chromebook district. Can MIT APP INVENTOR run on chromebook?

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Kind of, certain files won't work, such as the files that PLTW uses, but other than that it's the same as regular computers.

@Dr.Elementalist MIT and PLTW are different entities, but I am curious about what you're implying here? For Chromebooks that support it, the MIT App Inventor companion app can be run natively and we provide a special menu option when we detect App Inventor is running on a Chromebook that supports it. The program code we generate is agnostic to the underlying device's architecture, so any curricula that don't rely on extensions with platform-specific native libraries should work without issue.

Honestly, I don't know, I'm just a student, we use PCs usually, I just know it's possible

Also the files I was talking about are .aia files

AIA files are App Inventor projects. You will need to load them into App Inventor to modify and interact with them. They are not "run" because they are not executable (unless you compile them into APKs).

Ah,ok then