Can i use two smartphones control one hc-05?

its my first time using hc-05 i have many questions
i am searching for several days but i just cant solve my problem.
1.can i use two smartphones control one hc-05? to send two data from arduino in the same time? phone can't show my data which send form arduino immediately, it will delay seconds and
show my data.

these questions have troubled me for days, pls help me.
if there is anything not ok in my program or blocks pls tell me

Here are examples of the HC-06 similar to the HC-05...

Thank you for your helping, but can you tell me can I use two cellphone to control one hc-05?

I don't know if you mean connecting several clients at different times or connecting two clients at the same time.

If you want the connection at the same time, you can try this...

ok i got it, thank you very much

can i ask a question?

this is my blocks and program

why after i click one on my app, the label will show negative number like -16

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