Can i use the webviewer component this way?


This is a question for Google. Ask them and tell us what they tell you or you could publish your app on GooglePlay and find out whether they will accept or ban.

Your app is not modified or replaced or updated; what is updated is access to a file. You need to decide if this is a violation of Google policy or not.

This looks like the loophole you want.

Hello ABG thanks for the comment, im not sure if i understood what you said, do you think my current method is okay? google policy looks a bit subjective in my case, i would love to have your input on this matter.

Thanks SteveJG, sadly google does not provide app compliance support, you need to have your app removed first or contact them via email where they ask you for your developer ID but since i dont have that yet i went here for guidance. maybe there is another way of contacting them, but i didnt find it.

Caution - I have never submitted an app to Google Play.

This board has a Google play FAQ at FAQ Section: Google Play Store

I am not a lawyer.

Even worse, I have not built a .jar file in years, and never a .dex file.

So regard my observation as a hunch from some one who has no skin in the game, that JavaScript is generally regardless as harmless.