Can I use more than 3 extensions for app submitted to Appathon

Hi, Everyone I am B.S.S.SRIKAR
I've a doubt that can I use more than 3 extensions
in the app which I made to submit for Appathon for Good 2021
Thank You

There is no Limit in using Extensions As long as you give authors note

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Do you mean I can use only when I will message them and give them a note that I'm using this extension for the app being summitted to Appathon...
Can You Please Explain me...

This is the advice for the 2020 Hackathon, in light of no details I can find regarding Appathon I assume the advice is the same

Can I use extensions in my app?

You may use any extensions from MIT, or any free extension so long as you include a note from the extension author that it can be redistributed by MIT as part of the competition.

I am not sure what this means. By posting 'free' extensions in the community, extension developers appear to be giving users a Creative Commons automatic permission so you should be able to reference the extension post.

As other extensions that the authors indicate are free, a reference to their posting should satisfy the requirements.

This is my interpretation. My interpretation may be wrong. Please let @Peter or someone from the Appathon Committee clarify this. before you use my interpretation.

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Ok Thank You...

so should the note from the extension developers stored in assets in .txt format or where should we send the note from extension developers

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The permissions from extension developers should be included as .txt files in the app assets. Except those from MIT, as all of our extensions are eligible.


thanks for your reply sir

Thank You so much for giving me the answer sir

How Can That be possible If we PM them for Note because judges cannot login into our account and see the PM

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Maybe you can add a screenshot of permission.


Yes, That Would Work...

How in Txt File
Maybe in .MD File or .html file

I think we should paste the whole text in which we asked for permission and in which he gave us reply about the permission

Who knows That the text can be written by us or the dev of extension

Then It maybe screenshot .jpg file in app assets...

You have to submit the AIA so the judges will be able to access the assets moreover it's mandatory to submit the aia, apk is not allowed

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That's up to your honesty :wink:

Yes We Should submit .aia files. It is also there below the App Information in
Appathon Official Website