Can i use mixed "soundtrap" loops as background music for my MIT apps?

I wanted to have some background music in my MIT app. Can I use the mixed "soundtrap" loops as the background music for commercial use as I plan to upload my app on google play. Can you please tell me if I can use them for free without giving any credit?

Thank You, I will check it out
Also, do you have any other suggestions from where I can use music as bg music for free without payment and credits

Have you tried searching the internet ?

This looks like a good place to start:

Yes , I searched
I found and soundtrap, for bensound we have to give credit and i'll read more about soundtrap

What is the problem with giving someone credit for their work that they provide you for free?

I trust you will be giving credit in your app for all the fixes provided by others (even collectively) and for any extensions you use?

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To give credit means to respect other people's work...

Why it’s a good idea to give credit by Corey Wainwright.


We say you won't even get slapped in the face for free ...

well i was looking for some site from where i can make my own music using a few loops or something as i had a certain idea in my mind as how that music would sound and couldn't find that anywhere
Thanks for your inputs

This is "free", but you can always give attribution in your projects if it helps you.....

Thanks , i will check it out