Can i use AIA file in another play console account?

Can i use my App AIA (which is already in playstore from my play console account) file in another play console account by changing package name??
Will it causes any harm to console account???

you can but the contents and resources names should be edited [ there's percentage of duplication ! ] beware of that



when i upload the AIA file in (AI2) another Email then the package name of the app will be changed automaticly

beacuse someone wants to buy the same app with same feature just changing name and internal information.

So how can I sell the app? What happens if I edit the AIA file completely and change the internal codes and upload it to the App Play Store? Actually this core service will be same as my app.
Now tell me the way how i can work?

NOBODY knows the exact rules regarding "Repetitive Content" policy. I had been in contact with Goggle Play Developer Support via email for weeks and asked these questions multiple times. I didn't get a concrete answer, although I insisted intensely. The employees themselves do not seem to know the exact algorithm used to detect "Repetitive Content".

In fact, however, such apps (in my case paid ones) that have already been in the Play Store for more than 6 years are removed from the Play Store overnight (without any warning). And bringing them back, or at least one of them, takes a lot of work, patience and, last but not least, luck!

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for safe approach if you changed the variables names and resources names as well some images colors or img content you are safe to go with at least 70 %

specially the icon and app name !

As I said: