Can i trust WebViewer?

Ok, but have you tested it also in your web browser (chrome, firefox, safari, opera, etc.)

i have tested on Chrome

Chrome on phone or chrome on computer?


test it on phone! (chrome)
@ewpatton @TIMAI2 @Taifun can you help us?

Also try:

How do i open app inventor on phone ?

i am not asking you to open appinventor on phone, but opening that html file that is on your device on chrome (phone)

also ,
there are many flaws in Webviewer :

  1. Top button problem
  2. it extends long : on one of my screens , after showing the content on screen , it extends long with white space
  3. one one of my screens , it sometime shows full content , sometime only half

thanks @GuiM_Haes

Also try the custom web view extension if the problem persists!

yes , but i never liked to use extensions
but i will see it

right, some extension can make the app impossible to build. Consider make a copy of the project before adding the extension.

thanks for the tip @GuiM_Haes

Ah ,
its like perfect when tested on phone

None of these flaws found!
But i wonder ...., why is it filled with these problems when in appinventor :thinking:

Well , i don't know why but when i created a new project that only contains the webviewer & its code , it works excellent but when tested on another project.. shows the same problem

On Android 10 phones, App Inventor has read-write file handling issues. MIT (Evan) are working on a fix.

ok , thanks for your help @ChrisWard
but once again - i noticed one more thing
it works on redmi without any flaws when on another screen (or project)

Also ,
i have added 3 screens to my app (all for html) and if i say - they look great!
i need to change few blocks on the main screen & add the blocks on the new screen

I don't tested yet how webviewer works on kodular, but you can try webwiewer@kodular: - editor