Can i trust WebViewer?

hi all
I have been using WebViewer in my app to open html files
I don't really know why but sometimes it shows "Web Page not available" and at times it works great
(This happens on a redmi phone)
but ..
it always shows "Web Page not available" on a samsung phone
The code is not changed at all
it all happens with a interval of time
Blocks :

This time : it fails in samsung

What is the Android version of the Redmi phone? And of the Samsung one?

8.1.0 OPM1.171019.019


Also ,
the html files has a top button too but it is never shown in redmi phone :face_with_monocle:

Android 10... I really seen some problems with Android 10 in other topics!
@ewpatton Can you help?

And what about redmi ?
the top button problem?

Have you downloaded that HTML file from the web, saved a web page as HTML or programmed that HTML page?

i can give a guarantee that there is no problem in its code coz when i download the html file on computer & see it , the top button it there but it is not on mobile phone

i have programmed it

Ok, but have you tested it also in your web browser (chrome, firefox, safari, opera, etc.)

i have tested on Chrome

Chrome on phone or chrome on computer?


test it on phone! (chrome)
@ewpatton @TIMAI2 @Taifun can you help us?

Also try:

How do i open app inventor on phone ?

i am not asking you to open appinventor on phone, but opening that html file that is on your device on chrome (phone)

also ,
there are many flaws in Webviewer :

  1. Top button problem
  2. it extends long : on one of my screens , after showing the content on screen , it extends long with white space
  3. one one of my screens , it sometime shows full content , sometime only half

thanks @GuiM_Haes

Also try the custom web view extension if the problem persists!