Can I translate appinventor site?

Some appinventor’s translated language is wrong or not translated.
And I found this site:

If i add translation in that site, is it realy apply in MIT Appinventor2?

I want edit Korean translation.

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Yes, that is our system for crowdsourced translations.

I see your account on weblate, and I have granted you permission to edit. Do you understand the weblate system? I’m happy to walk you through if you find it confusing.

Thanks for the help. We really appreciate it.

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Oh, thank you.
Then when will the modified translation be applied in appinventor?

We can schedule an update for rollout when it’s at least mostly complete.

Hello, we are translating App Inventor to Lithuanian language (LT). The purpose is educational, because we are from Vilnius university.

At the moment we have local version for testing and use

Can we use the Weblate? Or what is the next steps?



If you have a complete or nearly-complete translation already, you shouldn't have to re-type it into Weblate. I'll import it into the translation repository and set it up in Weblate from there.

Please go to, create an account (as many team members who need to can create their own accounts) and let me know. I will grant you permission to translate.

I'll take a look at your translation branch and provide more instructions in the coming weeks.


I made an account to help with the dutch translations. Can you grant me permission?

Dear Susan,

thank you for reply, I already registered to weblate and waiting for permission.

@Gabriele_Stupuriene I have your translation available to look at on a test server at

It looks very good. Please take a look to see if anything appears wrong. We should be able to merge it in our next release.

Dear Susan,

Thank you for importing LT translation. We want to ask permission to translate additional lines in Weblate.


Best regards


It says Insufisition privileges

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