Can I test with my students?

I am a tester for iOS app inventor companion, and I'd like to make this beta test available to my ~25 students. Is this possible?

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Maybe, have you tried it

I think the TestFlight code can only be redeemed with one Apple ID. Otherwise it says this:

The invitation has already been redeemed. Please request a new invite from the developer.

Is there a way for my students to all download TestFlight and I get 20 codes to give out?

Your post has been flagged for the attention of MIT. This being the weekend, it might take a while to get a response.

MIT has to invite your students and add to TestFlight. While this is possible, this is unlikely as the number of users for TestFlight is limited. You probably will have to wait for the formal release of ios for App Inventor to be able to use it with your students. MIT has not been adding new TestFlight users at the moment.

See what MIT says, maybe it is possible. :slight_smile:

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