Can I sync information from the app for other devices?

Let's say I have I have a system that assigns whether a chair in a room is occupied or not. Can I share the app to other people/devices and enable them to edit the information about the chair? Basically, they will be allowed to uncheck or check the availability of chair in the room.

Also, if the above is possible, can I just assign 1 person to 1 chair? To avoid false information from people who assigns that the chair is occupied even if it's not.

Also, just like in google docs, can I assign who is the viewers and editors?

So basically you are either going to create more than one app. One for users and other for admins.
Or you'll have to create one app having two sections, one for each.
The system you are referring can be created using Firebase if you don't want to make things complex.
Otherwise, MySQL will be ideal for this.