Can I store Videos to a CloudDB?

I want to store Videos on my cloud db by the image
May I ask if it is possible?

I want to store Videos on my tiny db by the image
May I ask if it is possible?

Hi @apsw171118,

When I used AI Companion on an iPad to store photos in CloudDB a few months ago, it reported an error. Maybe use the TinyDB. I don't think CloudDB is possible.

See the documentation of CloudDB.

A non-visible component that allows you to store data on a Internet connected database server (using Redis software). This allows the users of your App to share data with each other.

Can you try to replace the CloudDB with TinyDB if you do not need to allow users to share data with each other?

Hummmm.... I don't think so... I need to allow users to share data with each other.

I'm testing...

Thanks! :wink:

I used a Huawei P30 Lite. No errors reported.

Did you record with image

Yes. I used a clip about ducks and no errors are reported.

With tiny DB or Cloud DB

Cloud DB

Why don't you try it yourself?

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Ok can a real @powerusers reply...

You might be able to store small (@2mb) media files on cloudDB, using the correct blocks and syntax. CloudDb will convert binary files to base64 encoded strings to store them.

For your school project, you would be better to store the media files on google drive, and the links to those files in cloudDB. I have previously advised about the MIT cloudDB with regard to data retention.

But I don't have a g acc does that mean I will store link inside the cloud DB, and may I ask if the web viewer can display any website?
Thank You
I appreciate your help
@apsw171118 (on ai2 and Scratch)


Joshua Ng

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How big is the VIDEO recorded by the build in cam recorder within 1 minute

Why don't you make several 1 minute videos and look how big they are?

Like how? How I check?

Make a movie with the camcorder and when you stop filming check with the files app on your phone what size it is.

Ok thanks can you close this conversation?

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