Can I save from audio player to file somehow?

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I have a question: would it be possible to save a copy of the Audio Component's source, or perhaps an extension that could just play an audio and when an event fires to save it as a copy, thank you!

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This would just be the same as saving a copy of any other file ? The sound component and player component source is usually a file - e.g. file:///.../mysound.mp3

Therefore just get the source block and save that to a different file ?

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Yes but in this case the source is a remote file, starts with https://

And the player's behaviour is to stream the file, and it works well by itself, but there's no event when the file has finished loading

You would use the web component to download the file.

However, at time of writing, the GotFile part of the web component is currently broken. (nb187 release)

You could use @Anke's extension to download the file to your ASD

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I do already and it's working great. I just don't want to duplicate the download for bandwidth efficiency

Then download it first, then play it from its on device location.....

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This is the current method. I just want to find a quicker one (to start playing as quickly as possible)

Generally, and IIRC, if the file is from an online resource, the entire file is downloaded before playback begins...

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It's not. It starts playing, as quickly as possible, and the file is still being downloaded. Because it supports streams (radio stations etc)

I was referring to files, not streams, but you are probably correct :wink:

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What I want to download is a file, not a continuous stream. It has a definite file size
I'm using not the component. :v: :sweat_smile:

Another way would be to download a piece of the audio first (eg.1MB) and start playing it while the rest is being downloaded (perhaps in pieces again).

That I can do. But would there be a way to combine the audio pieces into a single file?

Turns out there's this [FREE]WaveAudioTools extension v3 which combines audio files but only .wav which is unfortunate but so close.

Hi again. This is important to me. Mr. @Taifun could you please help? Thank you

I use TaifunPlayer to load a remote audio file (https://......mp3) and I'd like to save it to disk. I know I can't do that with the current tools. Perhaps you could add such functionality to the Player extension? Thanks again

Right now I download an audio file, and then I play it. But let's say the file is 200MB, or the internet connection is not so fast, how can I stream the audio file and then save it to disk?

as it looks like you have 2 options

  1. use a streaming player and stream the file
    Stream player (Video and Audio) Extension by Kus Zab (12 USD) - link, Appybuilder community has been closed


  1. use a normal player like TaifunPlayer and download the file before playing it...


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so humble..

But back to topic, I don't really want to pay for an extension, I don't even have a job, and the fact that the link is dead and we need doesn't give me too much incentive.. I think I'll stick with TaifunPlayer for now.. Thanks again. I'll definitely check the paid extension tho

Does that extension save the file?
Because TaifunPlayer can stream the file perfectly, it just doesn't save it.

most probably not, you can try to contact the extension developer here

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OK. I'll contact the man.

I also made a simple aia (stream_test_taifun.aia) which showcases how taifunPlayer and audioComponent can stream remote audio files. Both work, but the component starts playing a little earlier than the extension. Okay. Cu :sparkling_heart: :v: :sunglasses:

audio component: starts playing when 1MB has been downloaded
taifun player extension: starts playing when 2-3MB have been downloaded

Tested on android 11

Hey all,

So there is an extension that's supposed to do exactly what I need: start downloading a file, and provide a URL for the file that's being downloaded, so that it can be used in Audio/Video components. Effectively streaming and saving the file.

*Kodular project. I had problems with it in AI2

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