Can I restore a previously saved project?

Accidentally deleted the entire interface of one screen. Can I restore a previously saved project?


If you previously saved the Project using one of these options checkpoints then you can. If you did not, you can not.

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Unfortunately no. :frowning_face:

If you are still in the same session, and you are talking about the blocks editor, then you can use Undo, if the designer, then no such luck.

The good news is you remember how you designed the screen and you can now re-make it better than ever!

..and, you can start doing what the very experienced developers do; make an aia or a Project copy immediately before doing anything complicated with a Screen or after you have been coding for a while and perhaps get tired and are prone to mistakes. I save every hour or less. :slight_smile: because I make mistakes too.

Good luck.


Well, will have to do a better version.

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Infatti salvare i file AIA periodicamente, risparmia un sacco di mal di testa :sollevato:

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