Can I read and save text file in sd card /storage/9016-4EF8?

I can not also using AllFilesPermissions ext with File Component, I can read text files only using WebViewer Component

This is not possible with the File component because it uses a relative path.
However, an absolute or full path is required to access the removable (micro) SD card.

So use my MFile extension for this. This uses a full path.

Thank you, it runs well

How can I copy text files from shared folders to sd card ?

The removable (micro) SD card is read-only since API 19 (Android 4.4, KitKat).

With your mfile extension I can save text files, then why you say read-only ?

But not in the removable (micro) SD card on API 19+.

I'm saving on sd-card with android 11

Show your blocks.
I checked it on Android 9 and it does of course NOT work.

You are right, I changed an old project with AllfilesPermission ext, I added Mfile ext, tested with Companion, compiled, it worked well, then I removed AllfilesPermission ext, it continued to work because it continued to have permissions, but a new project without AllfilesPermission ext does not run.