Can I make screen(opening page) before "Screen 1"?

Can I make screen(opening page) before "Screen 1"?

Unfortunately, you can't rename screens. However, we added the ability in a recent release to copy and paste components from one screen to another. To do so, select the first screen, press Ctrl+C (Cmd+C on macOS) to copy the screen. Create a new screen and press Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on macOS) to paste the contents. Then you can go back to the original screen and remove its contents.

Another option is to open a splash screen from Screen1 in the when Screen1.Initialize event.

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See this example :
blocks (2)

On it's own, that does nothing useful Salman.

The Object of the exercise is to retain the current Screen1, so opening a splash screen within it (a Vertical Arrangement), as mentioned by Evan, is the best solution.

Ooo, I got it, thank you Mr.@ChrisWard

It's not a good idea to use the entire screen as an opening page. Read this article

I have (finally) put an example up on my website - I actually have a few variations but no time at the moment to update the site.

Here you will find code that uses a Vertical Arrangement to contain the Splash Image, and a Vertical Scroll Arrangement that contains Screen1's components.

In an ideal world, for all but the most simple Apps, we should all be making Apps using Virtual Screens - they use less code and are generally easier to manage as a Project. Switch-Screen Issues do not exist. They also make more efficient APK's.