Can I make a HorizontalArrangement above to stay on screen

How can I make a HorizontalArrangement above with 1-2 buttons stay on screen as I scroll down?
And don't I have to roll the screen back up to make those buttons appear?
Here's an example, one shows the buttons, but as soon as I scroll down they disappear

Use two arrangements.
On top an horizontal one with the buttons and under a scrollable arrangement

I cannot understand how they will be used.
But in searching I found a popup linux that keeps the back buttons at the bottom of the screen consistently visible no matter how long the text is.
I would like something like this in the upper part, not only the title of the text

In the screen you have to add 2 arrangements, the first will be an horizontal with the buttons inside and the second is a scrollable one . You can find them in layout

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It works perfect thanks

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Good :muscle:t2: happy to have solved it

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