Can I make a App Inventor Companion with MIT App Inventor

Hello. I have one serious question. What language was used to make MIT AI2 COMPANION App? Also Can I make an MIT AI2 COMPANION only by MIT APP INVENTOR? :smiley:

Believe it or not, the Companion app is made by App Inventor itself.

This is the folder location for the Companion app. Download it and rename it to an AIA format.

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I think this original source has a fault. When I test that original companion app aia file with mit ai2 companion, it works well. But, When I build an apk file and run it in my phone, the error "Unknown package:" comes out when I click connect with code or scan QR code button. How can I fix it?

The production version of App Inventor we publish won't compile the companion app out of the box. The companion app is only designed to be compiled via the regular App Inventor build process. To compile an updated version of the app, you need to do the following:

  1. As an administrator, use the "Generate YAIL" option in the build menu to create an updated version of Screen1.yail.
  2. Export the project and replace the sources in aiplayapp with your modified files (technically, you only have to update Screen1.yail)
  3. Edit Screen1.yail to update the package name and replace the define-form call at the top of the file with define-repl-form to declare that the app should extend ReplForm.
  4. Build App Inventor with ant, or more specifically ant PlayApp for the APK or ant PlayAppAab for the AAB file for distribution via Google Play.

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