Can I implement any of the projects using Flutter?

Hello, this is Soumik Mukherjee. I am an experienced mobile application developer and hence was looking forward to contributing to MIT App Inventor for GSoC'23.

I just have a small doubt, can I implement any of the project ideas using Flutter?

Why Flutter?
-> It is a cross-platform framework. So, I can target both android and iOS at the same time.
-> The efficiency of the application is also not compromised when it comes to Flutter.
-> The development time is also very less in case of Flutter. So, I can add many more features in addition to those listed in the project ideas.

Hello Soumik, welcome to the Forum!

App Inventor is largely written in Java and Scheme. Flutter is a brilliant platform but Flutter code compiles to ARM, Intel machine code or JavaScript. Flutter is more aimed at developing Apps, as is App Inventor. To work on App Inventor you become one of the people that defines the car engine, rather than being a car driver.

However, your experience as a developer should mean you can work in Java, why not try it out and see if you like it (have to admit I don't like Java as it is Object-Orientated, I prefer Procedural languages).

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Hi ChrisWard, thanks a lot for getting back!

Understood! And I must say the example of cars and car engines was on point.

Surely would try contributing to Native Java apps. But before that let me get my hands on some of the other projects offered by other orgs!

Thanks again!

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