Can i get Camera access using CustomWebView Extension

Ok, I'll check as soon as possible.

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Thank you alot

Send a picture proof and both the blocks too please

Sorry I forgot about this issue.
Can you share that website url?

I don't see any camera use there.

In the group ,e.g create group private or public go to the "meet" bar is there

Need it and MIC

Try this apk:

@michal_popoola @Patryk_F
Works for me:

Okay wow can I know the blocks or AIA file todo it ,so it works because I want to try your universal permission again

Here is AIA:
CustomWebView (2).aia (72.5 KB)

I would like to mention here that above aia uses 10.1beta version.

Thank you soo much from the deep bottom of my heart.

Thanks for everything but it seems it only work with "webrtc" any etc running on a server is as close to useless.

WebRTC is the only supported method in chromium.

Could you please check this website
this website not working with this CustomeWebView Extension
Thank You

This site is not opening. I recommend to switch your hosting provider.

Something is wrong with your hosting provider.

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This page asks for permissions, but the image cannot be seen in any browser.

Working with chrome browser in MacBook Air

I can't get chrome on windows10 to make your website display the camera image, despite having camera permissions. Can you run an image on a chrome browser on your phone?