Can I create Game of Life using app inventor?


Can I (eventually) create a game like Game of Life
by only using app inventor?

Thanks for replies in advance.
I shall be looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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This should get you started ...

For the Game of Life, I would try to use a dictionary as the board representation, using rrrccc values of nonempty cells as keys and true as a value, removing key/values of empty cells after each round to keep the dictionary sparse.

Each round, generate a new dictionary from the current dictionary and its envelope (collection of neighbors of its cells).

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Game of Live app inventor version example


another version of game of life called StarCluster with an aia.


@ABG and @SteveJG , thanks for your replies which I highle appreciate.
Can I use my community data to start a new app inventor project?
Looking forward to replies, thanks.
Best, Hot

Why not?

Isn't that the point of AI2?

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Okay, thanks @ABG , everything is clear.
Are you aware of a dutch community here to discuss using app inventor?
Are co-workers here?
Have a nice weekend, best regards,

I think one of the long time power users is Dutch, but is leery of wheedlers.

Show progress on your own.

We have a decent board translator, but mostly work in English.

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