Can I change the DEFAULT setting of the items in Design Properties?

Example: I almost always use font size 13 not 14.

can I set the Properties to DEFAULT to 13 each time

also, if I'm working on an app that will use the same colors throughout, how do i set those colors to be the default in Properties?

You could create your own template aia project with all these settings, then when you want to start a new project, do a Save project as on your template.


as I add components, lets say I add a label, the font size will default to 14

If I have a saved project and save as new, the original or template doesn't have the new component so again it will default to 14, right?

I'm not looking for a flow in YOUR thinking, I'm looking for a flaw in MY thinking.

I'm not looking to change all my apps in the future, I'm looking to change all the future components of my current app.

I understand.

This feature is not available in default AppInventor.

You can of course do this with dynamic components.

or copy existing components with the desired settings in the designer (select component, CTRL+C/CTRL+V)

or build your own AppInventor from sources, and make all the edits to base configuration there.


THIS works!

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then mark it as solution...

while this works great and is uber useful, it is not directly a solution to the topic at hand.

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Correct, have unticked the solution :slight_smile:

Is there an option in App Inventor that duplicates only component properties? That says, you can copy Button1, select Button2 and paste the properties of Button1 into Button2? It would be a great feature in App Inventor designing and solution to your problem (probably).

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Pasting a component carries with it the properties