Can I assign 2 tags to a TinyDB entry?

I mean, I see only one option to add one...

Do you mean tag or vlue?

three options....

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Are you looking for a secondary index, so you can get to the same value through different ways, like by name or address or phone number?

I meant tag

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do something like this :

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I'm making a lucid dreaming app and I want my database to store multiple entries under the tag "dream". But every time I save another entry, the last one gets overwritten, and I don't really think releasing an app that can save one dream at a time would have been a good idea.

You need to create a dream list. Then, under a tag in TinyDB, save a dream list, not a dream.

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alright thanks :slight_smile:


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Something is error in this community.
do you see 2 solutions?

I created 2 different topics but they were merged maybe that's why

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