Can I access data from the TinyWebDB in google cloud from a PC

I have an app that stores information in Tags using TinywebDB . The data is stored on Google cloud. Accessing the data from within an MIT appinventror app is easy, just point a TinyWebDB to the location and call the GetValue using the right tag name. But, is there a way to then collate this data on my PC? I'd ideally like to be able to pull the data into Excel to plot the data coming in from multiple versions of the app.

Essentially, I've designed a basic game in AppInventor for people to play while I'm running online training sessions via Zoom. I'd like to be able to access the scores from each person using the game and display them on my PC screen live as they come in from each player.

Does that mean that you created a TinyWebDB service that you store on GoogleCloud? You probablly used the advice here,the%20steps%20for%20deploying%20your%20app.%20More%20items

How to work with your Google cloud Setting up your Google Cloud project for App Engine  |  App Engine standard environment for Python 2 might help you access the information by writing a program to use on your PC.

MIT created a demonstration service to use with the default TinyWebDB server The Web service is at ( The component has methods to store a value under a tag and to retrieve the value associated with the tag. The interpretation of what “store” and “retrieve” means is up to the Web service. You may be able to create something similar and query you app's tags using a browser.

How? Sorry, never done this.