Can emoji be a map marker?

I'm on developing a custom map app. and it's difficult to add and manage ImageAssets as various types of map markers. I'll so glad if emoji available as a map marker. I'm asking for help and any idea would be welcome. Thx in advance.

You are using Google Map tiles. I don't think you can use an emoji (like this :cry: ) if you use Google Maps . Emoji are encoded in Unicode text as images so they are probably not an acceptable format.

Here is what Google says Comenzar  |  Maps Static API  |  Google for Developers about Markers.

Regarding Custom icons Google indicate that rather than use Google's marker icons, you are free to use your own custom icons instead. Custom icons are specified using the icon descriptor in the markers parameter.

These 'icons' are actually jpg, png, or possibly gif images that use a transparent background area. You could make your own png from an emoji using the Snip & Sketch Windows tool to capture an image of an emoji and then using an image manipulation program to make the captured image background transparent.


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