Can 2 apps inventor apps communicate together?

Can 2 apps inventor apps communicate together? Is there any block or extension that can make 2 app inventor apps communicate each other?

Use the advice in Using the Activity Starter . The Activity Starter can be used to exchange some data between two App Inventor apps.

Specify and describe exactly what communication means to you in this context.
And as always, do it best with one or two examples.

Ok. Well, I want to make a game like , that 2 or more users are playing. One user is drawing and 2 or more users need to find it. And I thought, to make 2 apps, one is the user that is drawing and the other one is the other players that are trying to find what are they drawind. And that's the issue. How to make this 2 apps to communicate.

You probably could use a single app shared by all players if the app contains a CloudDB or FirebaseDB component to make a game as you described. How to share the image of what is being drawn (probably on a Canvas) could be accomplished by saving the drawing Canvas to the CloudDB so participants can see what is drawn so far. :slight_smile:

Yes, but that would require Canvas to be saved almost permanently (at least every 1-2 sec) and updated in CloudDB or Firebase.

And any player with fast internet access would be at an advantage over those with slow internet (like me in Germany; sad and shameful enough for us :upside_down_face:).

So, what is better? The 2 app idea or the single one?

Oh yes. Here in greece we have this problem too with the internet, lots of times it's very slow :no_mouth:

To share the Canvas image and the Player's guesses in real time, you use a CloudDB (or possibly a FirebaseDB) app.

The only simple way to share the Canvas with all Players simultaneously is to use one of those options Ian. The app needs to post changes to the Canvas as the person who draws the canvas modifies it.

So, to be sure, I will put a Clock and in the properties section I will change the
"TimerInterval" to 2000 ms (2 secs) and then I'll put the "when Clock1.Timer" event and it will call CloudDB to update it's image file to the "Guesser's screen" and then it will sycronize the sketcher's canva to the guessers? (I just want to be sure how to make it)

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