Camera trouble using in apk installed in cellphone

hi, my application about facemesh dont work installing apk file but its working using with ai companion. i dont know why. i am using the permission to camera but i tried with different files using the cam and its working but again when i am using the apk file dont work. i check the permission and its correct the camera have permission but my apk its doesnt work. this is my blocks and my apk.
face.aia (2.8 MB)

Android version & device name?
It should work and it does on my test device (Android 13).

my version android is 9 and my device is a30 samsung. i dont know why dont work now, before was working ok but now i see 2 posibilities. the aia is working bad or maybe its the android offline version. my android offline version is 2.65.

y try using logcat and get this. i dont know if in this pictures see why dont work the camera correctly.

i get the error, is the ai2 offline that compile bad the aia. i tried using the mit app inventor official in server. and now its work. maybe i would be write my problem in the discussion forum in ai2 offline thanks a lot for everyone.

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