Camera to app inventor (Image manipulation)

Hi im sam im 9 and i was wondering how you could connect your camera to the app inventor 2. i need to find out how because i am doing a prodject of customising your pictures.


Hi welcome @Samuel_5797,
if you want to take pictures directly, you can use (Camera) Component to take pictures or if you want to take a picture but from the gallery, you can use (ImagePicker) Component to take pictures from the gallery. Thank you

Salman Dev

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Hello Sam.

You want to transfer the images in your external photo camera to App Inventor? There is probably no way to transfer the images in your camera directly to your cell phone. You could post the camera images on your GoogleDrive manually using your PC; Then use the Web component to transfer the images to your Android.

To use images you capture using the phone's camera, follow Salman's advice.

Have you done the Paint Pot Tutorial ? The tutorial shows a simple way to 'customize' the picture using the Canvas component.

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What i need is you take a picture on the app created by app inventor and then be able to edit ti and stuff like that

You cannot do editing and cropping with Blocks.

Several 'extensions' allow you to perform simple manipulation of images. See and search from what extensions are offered. Some of these extensions are free; some require a fee. Some have a description of their capabilities.

Good luck Samuel.

what exactly means "edit and stuff like that"?
you can find image exensions in the extensions directory


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

thanks ill try that

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