Camera rotates vertical images 90 degrees (edited from Canvas to Camera)

whenever i take an image the canvas automatically rotates it by 90 degrees if it was taken vertically. if it was taken horizontally nothing happens. ive tried forcing the aspect ratio to accept it but it just roatates the image and stretches it. ive also tried making the image rotate in an image element but it always makes it face the same way no mater what i do

I get this too when using the camera component in an app (android 10/11). It has nothing to do with the canvas or image components (can you edit your topic title?). As you have found if you take a picture when the device is in landscape, the image presents correctly. The problem only occurs when the device is held in portrait. The new helper blocks do not seem to offer a way around this by detecting the current orientation of the device ? (Or I didn't find it....)
Actually, just set the orientation to Portrait in the designer, seems to then work both ways (and will work for the canvas as well)


set what to portrait? i set the screen to portrait but that doesnt seem to do anything

Sorry, it appeared to work for me yesterday, but not today....The issue is with going out to the camera component, outside of the AI2 app.

You can handle the issue in an image component using the rotation property, for other situations you will need to use an extension to rotate the image e.g.

Try this

camAlign.aia (24.6 KB)

You have to rotate the device in order to be able to press a button take a picture with that orientation.

Someone might have a better method....

[credits to Taifun for the Image extension]