Camera or screen cutout

Is it possible with inventor to switch the screen cutout modes (camera or screen cutout) in developer options?

The idea is to be able to run some apps using the full length of the screen.

Please provide more details as to what you want to achieve...

I usually read pdfs on my mobile phone. To have more screen space I put the device horizontally. It enlarges the display quite a lot, but it doesn't take advantage of the part of the screen where the front camera hole is.
I've been looking on the internet, and there is an option, deblocking the developer options that allows you to disable the cutout of the screen in the area of the camera, thus taking advantage of the entire screen. The problem is that to read pdf for example with Readera it works very well but for other apps like whattsapp what it does is that it lengthens the display vertically, but narrows it horizontally, and they don't look very good.

Maybe with an app made in inventor I can activate and deactivate this option, without having to go to options menu, device, developer mode....