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I am developping a camera application, and I am using CameraPro extension based on Camera2 API. In order to properly display the viewfinder in the Canvas, I need to know the camera resolution (aspect ratio). Going through the different topic, I did not find a way to get this information, except Taifun Camera extension, but looks like it cannot be used anymore with latest Android API level :frowning:
I also need to know the focal length of the camera. Is there a way to get this info?
Thank you very much

My extension uses the old API, but it still works with the latest Android API level.

To test the extension you can use the test project from here


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Thanks for the information. As this API is deprecated, I thought I could not use it.

One extra question: Is it possible to mix: use both CameraPro extnsion and your extension in the same application? (yours to get relevant info, and CameraPro to shoot) ?
For the focal length, it is provided in Camera parameters, and there is also the view-angle: H and V, so I can compute the 35mm equivalent, great :slight_smile:


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